Very Important MCQs. About Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens MCQ Page 2

Q. 11- Match the following-

List- A (works)

List- B (Depicts)

(A)   Oliver Twist


(B)   David Copperfield

(C)   Pickwick Papers

(D)  The Christmas Carol

1- Abuses of charity schools and brutalmaster

2- Unnecessary degradation and suffering poor

3- Injustice persecutes poor debtors

4- Powerfully drawn figure like Lady Deadlock


                A          B          C          D

(A)                        2          3          4            1

(B)                        2          1          3            4

(C)                        3          2          4            1

(D)                       3          1          2            4


Q. 12- What is the injustice, which persecutes poor debtors by Dickens?

(A) Bleak House

(B) Little Dorrit

(C) The Princess

(D) Nicholas Nickleby

Q. 13- Assertion (A)- Dickens wrote with his real-life experiences and put those dark pictures of society in his works.

Reason (R) The circumstances made him quite sensitive as Dickens suffered a lot.

(A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A

(B) Both A and R are true, but R is not the correct explanation of A

(C) A is true, but R is false

(D) A is false, but R is true

Q. 14- Which work of Charles Dickens brought his dignity back?

(A) Dombey and Son

(B) Bleak House

(C) David Copperfield

(D) All of these


Q. 15- Who saw his father going through hardships and carrying the burden of family?

(A) Thomas Hardy

(B) Charles Dickens

(C) Elizabeth Barrett Browning

(D) George Meredith

Q. 16- The Court of Chancery is a setting in Dickens'-

(A) Dombey and Son

(B) Little Dorrit

(C) Hard Times

(D) Bleak House


Q. 17- Bleak House, a serious novel by Dickens and an attack on the legal system, was published in:

(A) 1845

(B) 1847

(C) 1850

(D) 1853

Q. 18- Which of the following is Dickens' last work, an unfinishable, obsessive, mystery story?

(A) Dombey and Son

(B) The Mystery of Edwin Drood

(C) The Old Curiosity Shop

(D) Our Mutual Friend


Q. 19- Dickens' full-scale work of fiction was :

(A) Sketches by Boz

(B) Nicholas Nickleby

(C) Pickwick Papers

(D) None of these


Q. 20- Pip is a character in:

(A) Great Expectations

(B) Nicholas Nickleby

(C) A Tale of Two Cities

(D) Little Dorrit