Very Important MCQs. About Charles Dickens Page 3

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Charles Dickens MCQ Page 3

Q. 21- One of the Charles Dickens’ novels begins with these lines:

“Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or Whether that station will be held any body else, there pages must show.” Identify it.

(A) Hard Times

(B) Bleak House

(C) David Copperfield

(D) Oliver Twist


Q. 22- In which novel of Charles Dickens does a memorable character Gradgrind figure?

(A) A Tale of Two Cities

(B) Hard Times

(C) Oliver Twist

(D) Pickwick Papers

Q. 23- Which of the following novels is matched correctly with the theme that it deals with:



(A) Bildungsroman

(B) Satire on the legal system

(C) Exploitation and dehumanisation

(D) Plight of peasants

(1) A Tale of Two Cities

(2) David Copperfield

(3) Hard Times

(4) Bleak House



Q. 24- Charles Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’ appeared in parts in:

(A) Bentley’s Miscellany

(B) The Morning Chronicle

(C) True Sun

(D) The Monthly Magazine

Q. 25- Which of the following arrangement of Dickens’ novels is in the correct chronological sequence?

(A) Oliver Twist—Bleak House—Little Dorrit—Hard Times

(B) Oliver Twist—Bleak House—Hard Times—Little Dorrit

(C) Bleak House—Little Dorrit—Oliver Twist—Hard Times

(D) Hard Times—Oliver Twist—Little Dorrit—Bleak House

Q. 26- Who was greatly influenced by the works of Elizabeth Gaskell and published them in his periodicals ‘Household Words’ and ‘All the Year Round’?<

(A) Leigh Hunt

(B) Thomas Carlyle

(C) Thomas Macaulay

(D) Charles Dickens

Q. 27- Name the work of Charles Dickens which is a collection of stories and descriptive pieces written for various papers about the hitherto neglected lower-middle class:

(A) Pickwick Papers

(B) Dombey and Son

(C) Sketches by Boz

(D) Our Mutual Friend

Q. 28- Which of Dickens’ novels opens with the words “It was the best of times, it was the worst of time….”?

(A) Pickwick Papers

(B) A Tale of Two Cities

(C) Oliver Twist

(D) Hard Times

Q. 29- Who edited the magazine ‘Household Words’?

(A) Carlyle

(B) R. L. Stevenson

(C) Wilkie Collins

(D) Charles Dickens


Q. 30- Charles Dickens was the famous novelist of the age:

(A) The Romantic Age

(B) The Puritan Age

(C) The Victorian Age

(D) The Augustan Age