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Charles Dickens One-Liner Questions

Page 2

Q. 41- Which work is a rag to riches story of an orphan?

Ans- Oliver Twist

Q. 42- In which work does Charles Dickens throw light on London’s squalid streets, dark alehouses, and thieves’ dens?

Ans- Oliver Twist

Q. 43- Which work of Charles Dickens was originally published in Master Humphrey’s Clock in serial form?

Ans- The Old Curiosity Shop

Q. 44- Which was Dickens first attempt at a historical novel and is based on the Anti-Catholic protests against the Papists Act 1778?

Ans- Barnaby Rudge

Q. 45- Which work of Dickens is considered first artistically mature work?

Ans- Dombey and Son

Q. 46- Which novel of Dickens is a bildungsroman?

Ans- David Copperfield, Great Expectations

Q. 47- Which novel of Dickens portrays the exploitation and dehumanisation of honest hard-working factory workers?

Ans- Hard Times

Q. 48- Sophia (Sophy) Wackles is a character in Dickens’-?

Ans- The Old Curiosity Shop

Q. 49- Abel Magwich is a character in Dickens’-?

Ans- Great Expectations

Q. 50- Harold Skimpole is a character in Dickens’-?

Ans- Bleak House


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