Class 11 and 12 Poetry
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Class 11and 12 Poetry Lessons
    1- Mercy
1-Text File click
    2- Character of A Happy Life
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    3- The True Beauty
3-Text File Click Here To Download
    4- On His Blindness
4-Text File click
    5- From 'An Elegy Written in A Country         Churchyard'
5-Text File click 5-Video File
    6- The Scholar
6-Text File click
    7- Education Of Nature
7-Text File click
    8-Stanzas Written In Dejection Near Naples
8-Text File click
    9-La Belle Dame Sans Merci
9-Text File click
    10-To The pupils
10-Text File click
    11-From The Passing Of Arthur
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    12-O Captain! My captain!
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    13-From 'Dover Beach'
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    14-Our Casuarina Tree
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