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                    ENGLISH                     By -Dinesh Kumar (M.A; B.Ed.)

Model Paper- 1     (2013-14)

Time: 3hours and 15minutes                                                                                                Max. Marks: 70

Instructions: First 15 minutes are allotted for the candidates to read the question paper.
Note: (i) This question paper is divided into two section- 'A' and 'B'

(ii) All questions from both sections are compulsory.

(iii) Marks are indicated against each question.

(iv) Read the questions very carefully before you answer them.

                                                                      Section 'A'                              (35)

Q.1- Read the passage and answer the questions given below it:(V.Important)

Each one of us, as we leave school, has a flame to carry which we have to pass on to others. We have been given knowledge
and skill. These we pass on by using them in the service of our country. If we do not use them. It means that we are letting
the flame go out and none of us wants to do that. But if we are going to be able to keep alight the torch that has been given
to us, we have to know how to look after it and we have to know how to hold it as we run. In other words, we have to train
ourselves for citizenship and for service of our country.(2011, 2013)


1.     What powers do we have as we leave school?                                                                                                                                  [2]

2.     What will happen if we do not use our knowledge and skill in the service of our country?                                                    [2]

Q.2- Answer one of the following questions in about 60 words:                                                                                                               [4]

(a) What does Pt. Nehru desire to be done to his body after his death?

(b) What did Tansen do to make Hari Das sing for Akbar?

Q.3- Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words;                                                                                                        [4]

(a) What doubts came in the mind of Yudhishthira when his brothers did not return?

(b) Why was Lencho sad? What was his only hope?

(c)What was Socrates aim in talking to the people?

Q.4- Match the words of List'A' with their meanings in List 'B':                                                                                                                 [4]

                                                  'A'                                                  'B'

                   Ecstasy                                            sky

                   Consort                                           dwarf

                   Pygmy                                             spouse

                   Heaven                                            supreme joy

Q.5- Read the folloing piece of poetry and answer the questions given below it:                                                                                 [4]

                                            Let us, then, be up and doing,

                                            With a hart for any fate;

                                            Still achieving, still pursuing,

                                            Learn to labour and to wait.

1-    What should we pursue and then what shall we get?

2-    What does the poet mean by the words, 'with a heart for any fate'?

Q.6- Give the central idea of one of the following poems in about 40 words:                                                                                       [3]

(a) The Fountain

(b) The Nation Builders


Write four lines from one of the poems given in our textbook. (Do not copy the lines given in this question paper.)

Q.7- Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words:                                                                                                      [4]

(a)- What did the village-boys find in the pastures?

(b)- Who was Jesse Owens? Why did he visit Berlin in the summer of 1936?

(c)- How did Edison find his mother the best teacher for him?

Q.8- Point out 'True' or 'False' statements in the folloing:                                                                                                                         [4]

(i) Edison was good Philosopher of America.

(ii) The king of Ujjain, at last, sat on the throne of Vikramaditya.

(iii) Luz Long was an American.

(iv) Edison was never satisfied till he got the right answer.

Q.9- Select the most suitable alternative to complete the following statements:                                                                                 (4)

(i) Edison was fond of..............

(a) telling stories.(b) playing games.

(C) doing experiments.(d) flying kites.

(ii) When the mound was dug deep, the king found.....................

(a)  Seven jars full of gold coins.

(b) Skeletons of dead soldiers.

(c)  Rare musical instruments.

(d)The judgement seat of Vikramaditya.

(iii) 'Vikram Samvat' owes its origin to.....................

(a)-Lord BuddhaAshoka

(c)-Vikramaditya(d) Akbar

(iv) The judgement seat of Vikramaditya was made of.......................

(a)-Gold(b) Silver

(c)-Iron(c) Stone

                                                                                                 Section- B                                (35)

Q.10- Do as indicated against each of the following sentences:

(Frame correct sentences by re-ordering the words)                                                                                                                                 [2]

(a)- policy the Honesty best is.

(b)- Went Delhi to Ramesh yesterday.

(Change into Passive Voice)                                                                                                                                                                              [2]

(a)- Our team has won the match.

(c)- The teacher said, "The sun rises in the East."

(Change into Indirect Speech)                                                                                                                                                                           [2]

(a)- The doctor said to him, "Take the medicine regularly."

(b)- He said to me, " How old are you?"

Fill the blanks with correct form of the given verbs                                                                                                                                    [2]

(a)- They have............their work. (complete)

(b)- Why did he...........the poison?(eat)

Q. 11-

(i)- Choose the correct preposition given against the sentence to fill in the blank:                                  (2)

(a)- He is fond..........music.(of, to, for)

(b)- She was waiting..........his mother.(to, of, for)

(ii)- Complete the sentences:                                                                             (2)

(a)- I want to..............

(b)- They will play..............

(iii)- Complete the spelling of the following words:                                                           (1)

(a)- civi_iz_t_on                                            (b)- A_vant_g_

(iv)- Punctuate the following:                                                                             (2)

The master said to his servant have you finished your work he said yes I have finished

Q. 12- Translate the following into English:                                                                  (4)

ईश्वरचंद्र विद्यासागर एक योग्य अध्यापक थे l बहुत से विद्यार्थी उनके पास पढ़ने आते थे l एक दिन एक वृद्ध पुरुष भी उनके पास पढने आया l विद्यासागर ने उन्हें पढ़ाने के वचन दे दिया, किन्तु बूढ़े को व्याकरण कठिन लगती थी l विद्यासागर ने विद्यार्थियों की सुविधा के लिए व्याकरण की एक पुस्तक लिखी l

Q. 13- Write an application to you Principal requesting him to grant you free studentship on the grounds of poverty and merit. (Do not write your name and roll no.)


Write a letter to your friend inviting him to attend your sisterís/brotherís marriage. (Do not write your name and roll no.)                                                                                   (4)

Q. 14- Write a composition on any one of the following topics in about 60 words. Points are given below for each topic to develop the composition:                                                                                                      (6)

(a)- My Favourite Teacher

(i)- Introduction (ii)-Dress and habits(iii)- Nature and Personality(iv)-

Qualifications and method of teaching(v) Reason for Liking him

(b)- The Book You Like Most

(i)- Introduction and Nature(ii)- It's teachings(iii)- Reasons for Liking It

(c)- My Best Friend

(i)- Introduction(ii)- Name, age and parentage(iii)- His Dress and

Habits(iv)- His Hobbies(v)- His Good Qualities

Q. 15- Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions below:                       (6)

Water is essential for the existence of all living things. All plants, animals and human beings need water to survive. There is much water on the earth. More than 70 percent of the earthís surface is covered with oceans, rivers, seas, lakes, ponds and wells. Water comes from ice on high mountains and glaciers. We get water from rains also. We cannot drink water of the oceans and seas, because it is salty. We use water for drinking, makinmg food and washi8ng clothes. And so does all life on the earth. We cannot imagine life wihout water.


1-    Who need water to survive?

2-    Why cannot we drink water of the oceans and seas?

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