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1. How many sonnets in all were written by Milton?
  • 21
  • 24
  • 26
  • 20
2. How many sonnets in all were written by Shakespeare?
  • 140
  • 164
  • 154
  • 145
3. "Milton, thou shouldst be living at this hour!"
This is the opening line of a sonnet
Who has written this sonnet?
  • Shelley
  • Keats
  • Wordsworth
  • Byron
4. Who wrote the sonnet series entitled Amoretti?
  • Sidney
  • Shakespeare
  • Samuel Daniel
  • Spenser
5. Sir Philip Sidney wrote a sonnet series addressed to his beloved. What is that series titled?
  • Amoretti
  • Astrophel and Stella
  • Diana
  • Delia
6. The first collecttion of songs and sonnets is calle Tottel's Miscellany Who was Tottel?
  • The name of the poet
  • The name of the publisher
  • The name of a patron of poets
  • The name of a critic
7. What is the title of the series of sonnets written by 'Elizabeth Barrett Browning'?
  • River Duddon Sonnets
  • House of life
  • Modern Love
  • Sonnets from the Portuguese
8. 'Captain or Colonel, or Knight in Arms?'
This is the first line of a sonnet written by Milton, What is the title of the sonnet?
  • When the Assault was Intended to the City
  • To the Lord General Fairfax
  • To the Lord General Cromwell
  • On the Late Massacre in Piedmont
9. 'Others abide our question-Thou art free!'
This is the opening line of a sonnet written by 'Matthew Arnold.' What does "Thou" refer to?
  • Milton
  • Shakespeare
  • Shelley
  • Wordsworth

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10. The sonnet series entitled River Duddon Sonnets was written by-
  • Dryden
  • Shelley
  • D.G. Rossetti
  • Wordsworth
11. Milton wrote a sonnet on the death of his wife. The sonnet is entitled On His Deceased Wife What was the name of his wife who is addressed in the sonnet?
  • Elizabeth Minshull
  • Only an imaginary woman seen in a dream
  • Mary Powell
  • Catherine Woodcock
12. "They also serve who only stand and wait."
This is the concluding line of a sonnet written by Milton. What is the title of this sonnet?
  • To Lord General Cromwell
  • To Sir Henry Vane
  • On His Blindness
  • To Lord General Fairfax
13. What is the sonnet series written by Samuel Deniel titled?
  • Diana
  • Delia
  • Phillis
  • Caelica
14. "Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments....."
Which sonnet of Shakespeare begins with these lines?
  • Remembrance
  • To Mr. W.H.
  • True Love
  • None of these
15. Who has written the sonnet If Thou Must Love Me?
  • D.G. Rossetti
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Keats
  • Shelley
16. Spenser's Amroetti is-
  • A collection of his love lyrics
  • A collection of love sonnets
  • A sonnet written on the death of Sidney
  • A sonnet addressed to Queen Elizabeth
17. What is the most distinctive feature of an Ode?
  • It is longer than a lyric
  • It is in the form of an address
  • It is written in a rhyming verse form
  • Its subject is historical
18. Who is the most important writer of the Pindaric Odes in English?
  • Keats
  • Shelley
  • Gray
  • Dryden

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19. Who is the poet who has written an Ode to himself?
  • Abraham Cowley
  • John Donne
  • Ben Johnson
  • Robert Herrick
20. Who has written an Ode on the Nativity of Christ?
  • Milton
  • Abraham Cowley
  • Dryden
  • Spenser
21. What are Strophe, Antistrophe and Epode in a Pindaric Ode?
  • They are the beginning, middle and end of the Pindaric Ode
  • They are the three stages of movement of the singers in the Pindaric Ode
  • They are the three concluding couplets in the Pindaric Ode
  • They are the names of the singers who sing the Ode in the Church
22. How many times the series of Strophe, Antistrophe and Epode are repeated in Gray's Pindaric Odes?
  • Only Once
  • Six Times
  • Three Times
  • Nine Times
23. Who is the author of Alexander's Feast?
  • Marvell
  • Thomas Cambell
  • Pope
  • Dryden
24. Who celebrated Cromwell's return from Ireland through an Ode?
  • Ben Jonson
  • Milton
  • Marvell
  • Robert Herrick
25. "Our birth is but a sleep and forgething"
In which Ode does this famous line occur?
  • Wordsworth's Immortality Ode
  • Milton's Nativity Ode
  • Gray's Hymn to Adersity
  • Dryen's Alexander's Feast

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