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The Board has divided the entire syllabus into three broad Sections as detailed below:

Section A-- Language

This section has been divided into two parts:
1- Unseen Passages for the test of Comprehensive ability.
2- Grammar test in objective forms

These following topics are included in the Grammar part.

Parts of speech

Section B--Literature

This section has also has two parts:

1- Forms of Literature.
2- Important Authors and Their Works.

1- Form Of Literature:-
This part of literature is divided into three parts:

A- Poetry
B- Drama

A- Poetry
These forms of literature are included into poetry part.

The Epic
The Mock Epic
The Sonnet
The Ode
The Lyric
The Idyll
The Pastoral
The Elegy and The Pastoral Elegy
The Ballad
The Satire

B- Drama:-
The Following parts of literature are included in the drama part:

The Pre-Elizabetan Plays
The Tragedy
The Melodrama
The Tragi-Comedy
The Comedy
    (i)- The Romantic Comedy
    (ii)- The Comedy of Humours
    (iii)- The Comedy of Manners and Sentimental Comedy
The Farce
The Masque
The Poetic Play
The Dramatic Monologue
The Problem Play
The One Act-Play

C- Prose
These following literature are included in the Prose section:

The General Long Prose -Works
The Essay
The Novel
The Short Story
The Biography, The Autobiography and The Memoirs

2- Authors
In the second part of literature these following authors are included in UP TGT syllabus:

Willian Shakespeare (1564-1616)
John Milton(1608-1674)
William Wordsworth(1770-1850)
John Galsworthy(1867-1933)


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