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Important MCQ Thomas Hardy (Part 1)

Select the correct option:

1- Thomas Hardy was died of

(a)- Tuberculosis

(b)- Cancer

(c)- Cholera

(d)- Pleurisy*

2- Who has classified Hardy’s novels under the heads: Pastoral Tragedies, Pastoral Comedies, Pastoral Romances and Pastoral Extravaganza?

(a)- Thomas Hardy

(b)- Hugh Walker

(c)- A. C. Rickett*

(d)- None of these

3- How classified Wessex novels under the heads: ‘Novels of character and Environment’, ‘Romances and Fantasies’ and ‘Novels of Ingenuity and Experiment’?

(a)- Hardy Himself*

(b)- Compton Rickett

(c)- Hugh Walker

(d)- None of these

4- Thomas Hardy’s religious beliefs are the mixture of:

(a)- Agnosticism and Spiritism*

(b)- Spiritualism

(c)- Tantrism

(d)- Agnosticism

5- Which novel is the result of Hardy’s courtship with his first wife? This is the only novel that is without the touch of his pessimism.

(a)- A Pair of Blue Eyes         

(b)- The Return of the Native

(c)- Far From the Madding Crowd*

(d)- None of these

6- This was the novel in which Hardy introduced Wessex. It became so popular that Hardy thought of pursuing a literary career and giving up architectural work. Which novel?

(a)- A Pair of Blue Eyes

(b)- Far From the Madding Crowd*

(c)- Mayor of Casterbridge

(d)- None of these

7- In a novel of Hardy two rivals for the same woman return to England and find that they are traveling on the train that carries her coffin. Which novel is this?

(a)- Desperate Remedies

(b)- Jude the Obscure

(c)- A Pair of Blue Eyes*

(d)- None of these

8- Thomas Hardy fell ill with pleurisy in December 1927. When did he die?

(a)- 11 February 1928

(b)- 11 December 1927

(c)- 11 March 1928

(d)- 11 January 1928*

9- What is the sub-title of Tess of the d’Urbervilles?

(a)- A Pure Woman: Faithfully Presented*

(b)- An Impure Woman: Unfaithfully Presented

(c)- An Impure Woman: Faithfully Presented

(d)- None of these

10- ‘Desperate Remedies’ was the result of the inspiration form:

(a)- Tennyson

(b)- Trollope

(c)- George Meredith*

(d)- None of these

11- Stephen Smith is a young architect who falls in love with Elfride, the blue eyed daughter of the Vicar. In which novel of Hardy does he appear?

(a)- Under the Greenwood Tree

(b)- A Pair of Blue Eyes*

(c)- Far From the Madding Crowd

(d)- None of these

12- A Pair of Blue Eyes, The Trumpet Major, Two on a Tower and The Well Beloved are included in:

(a)- Novels of Ingenuity and Experiment

(b)- The Last Novels

(c)- Romances and Fantasies*

(d)- None of these

13- In the novel ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge, there is the hay trusser who sells his wife Susan to Newson for five guineas in a fair held in Weyden Priors. Later he becomes the Mayor. Find him out.

(a)- Donald Farfrae

(b)- Michael Henchard*

(c)- Gabriel Oak

(d)- Jude

14- In the ‘Mayor of Casterbridge’ Lucetta Templeman, a Jersey girl comes to marry Henchard but marries his rival. Who is his rival in love and business?

(a)- Donald Farfrae*

(b)- Jude

(c)- Oak

(d)- None of these

15- After the death of Lucetta, Farfrae marries:

(a)- Sue

(b)- Tess

(c)- Elizabeth Jane*

(d)- Bathsheba

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