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Charles Dickens One-Liner Questions

Page 3

Q. 51- Where was Charles Dickens born?

Ans- Portsmouth, Hampshire in England.

Q. 52- When was Charles Dickens born?

Ans- 1812

Q. 53- Who were the parents of Dickens?

Ans- John Dickens and Elizabeth Dickens

Q. 54- Whose entire family were sent to Marshalsea Prison?

Ans- Charles Dickens

Q. 55- ‘Morning Chronical’, a newspaper was related to:

Ans- Dickens

Q. 56- ‘Sketches by Boz’ was first literary work of:

Ans- Dickens

Q. 57- What is Boz in ‘Sketches by Boz’?

Ans- family name (pseudonym)

Q. 58- Which work of Charles Dickens was published in serial form in monthly instalments?

Ans- Pickwick Papers

Q. 59- Who was the first person to make serialisation of novels?

Ans- Charles Dickens

Q. 60- Who was Catherine Hogarth?

Ans- Charles Dickens’ wife


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