Helping Chart to Change the Persons of Pronouns

Helping Chart For The Change Of Persons of Pronouns [ सर्वनाम के वचन में परिवर्तन सम्बन्धी सहायक सारिणी ]  Personsपुरुष Nominative Caseकर्ता कारक Objective Caseकर्म कारक Possessive Caseसम्बन्ध कारक Reflexive Caseनिज कारक First Personप्रथम पुरुषI                                               WeMe   UsMy                          Our, OursMyself                       Ourselves Second Person मध्यम पुरुषYou                                             Thou तूYou                        Thee तुझेYour                       Thy, Thine तेरा, तेरीYourself, Yourselves           Thyself  तूने स्वयं से Third Personउत्तम पुरुषHe                        She                       ...

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