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Charles Dickens One-Liner Questions

Page 4

Q. 61- When was Charles Dickens married with Catherine Hogarth?

Ans- April 2, 1836

Q. 62- Which novels of Dickens established his fame as a novelist?

Ans- Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby

Q. 63- Which is the most known Christmas Story of Charles Dickens?

Ans- A Christmas Carol

Q. 64- On which novel was Dickens working during the time of his death?

Ans- The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Q. 65- Which work of Charles Dickens was unfinished?

Ans- The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Q. 66- When was Charles Dickens died?

Ans- 1870

Q. 67- Sketches by Boz is a:

Ans- Short Story Collection

Q. 68- Noddy Boffin is a character in Charles Dickens’ novel:

Ans- Our Mutual Friend

Q. 69- Kit Nubbles is a character in Dickens’ novel:

Ans- Our Curiosity Shop

Q. 70- David Copperfield was published in:

Ans- 1849-50


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