Universal Truth [ सदा सत्य रहने वाली बातें ]

Universal Truth [ सदा सत्य रहने वाली बातें ]

(1)-यदि Direct Speech के Reported Part में कोई सदा सत्य रहने वाली बात, आदत सम्बन्धी बात, कहावत या किसी एतिहासिक घटना का वर्णन किया गया हो तो Indirect बनाते समय Reported part के Tense में कोई परिवर्तन नहीं करते है l
For Example:-
Direct-  They said, “Two and two make four.” [ सदा सत्य रहने वाली बात ]
Indirect-  They said that two and two make four.

Direct-  I said to him, “The sun rises in the East.” [ सदा सत्य रहने वाली बात ]
Indirect-  I told him that the sun rises in the East.

Direct-  They said, “Dogs move their tails at acquaintance.” [ आदत ]
Indirect-  They said that dogs move their tails at acquaintance.

Direct-  I said to him, “India became free in 1947.” [ एतिहासिक घटना ]
Indirect-  I told him that India became free in 1947.

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